Principal Contractor: Kier Northern Our Contract Value £2,500,000

The new Building Design Partnership (BDP) Studio at Ducie Street on the Rochdale canal Dale street Basin Manchester.

We constructed a sealed sheet piled cofferdam, then pumped water out to create a dry dock.  Over the next 18 months the basement was pumped 24 hours a day to allow for constructed.

The 6 storey  3,100 m2 reinforced concrete frame was one of our major achievements..

Post tensioned concrete ‘Flat Slab’ floors span up to 12.5m between columns, reduced the amount of rebar in the slab, created large open plan office spaces.

The exposed reinforced concrete frame was constructed to a very high specification

The plywood decking for the soffits was laid out to an exact pattern determined by the architects, these were sealed with sikaflex flexible fillers to stop grout loss.

The columns were cast using a pre-made column former with an insitex lining, to allow for the circular and elliptical shapes of the columns this.  Blow holes in the concrete were limited to 3mm.

The architects specified a feature wall, this consisted of a 7m high concrete wall with a special textured timber look finish.

The shutters we used for this had to be lined with rough sawn timbers to an exact pattern and level so it matched correctly at each level.  The wall had to be concreted slowly over a period of time using hotwater in the concrete to reduce the hydrostatic pressures.

The Concrete Society has short listed  the project for an award for the outstanding Design and finish achieved.

Inter-Disciplinary Design – BDP

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