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Adana Achieve ISO Quality & Environmental 2015 Transition

Adana achieved ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 Environmental transition to 2015 standards. The main changes are:

Context of the Organisation

This new concept encourages the organisation to define the internal and external influences on its operations and how that might affect the design and implementation of their management system. Some factors in considering here would be customer expectations, the products/services it provides and wider issues such as the economic conditions it operates under.

Documentation Requirements The removal of mandatory documented procedures and need for a Quality Manual. The 2015 version simply states that an organisation must keep “Documented Information”. This could be in the form of flowcharts, web pages, software or whatever format an organisation chooses.

Risk Based Approach The new standard states that an organisation must consider the risks and opportunities that may affect its management system. This links in with the organisational context and ensures that risk-based thinking is factored in during the design and implementation of the system and how that will help with continuous improvement.

Involvement of Top Management The 2015 revision now requires that top management takes a more “hands on” role in the implementation and continuous maintenance of the management system. The new standard requires that top management does not delegate actions relating to the system and must effectively engage with the key activities.

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